Undergraduate Program


A day at “IGNITE” is like a day in Mothers Lap. The student spends about 8 -9 hours(Day-Scholar) a day in the classroom. Most of the classes are either in listening to the lectures or participating in group discussions over the key concepts. The Best Junior Colleges in Hyderabad-IGNITE, in order to get the best out from the students, Lecturers make them to study the NCERT based study materials prior to the classes. This helps a student to understand the subject better and also enables them to contribute their ideas to the class.


Attending lectures on time.
Participating in subject discussions.
Making the usage of library facilities.

Study Time:
Studying is one of the most important daily activities of a student. You can expect to spend the majority of time in studying. Additionally, student, from one of the Best Junior Colleges-IGNITE, might find their syllabus to be a lot denser than what they are typically used to learn in the schooling. It is important to figure out the best time for you to study so that you can make the most out of it and see better results.

Extracurricular Activities:
Extra-curricular Activities play a vital role in a student’s daily routine. It makes a positive impact on a student’s life. These activities include In-door game clubs, sports clubs, student councils with motivational sessions, Cultural-Programs, Frequent Food Fests and many more…
Games & sports help the students to develop social behavior, leadership, and communication skills. Because of the numerous benefits that extracurricular activities bring to a student’s life, “IGNITE-One of the Best Junior colleges in Hyderabad” encourage its’ students to participate in extracurricular activities at all the stages. IGNITians explore their talents and interests to improve their academic performance and to build their self-identity. Hence, it is crucial for students to find an extracurricular activity that fits them well.

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