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About Us

Ignite Academy’s History

IGNITE Junior College is committed to provide the best education with the highest standards for Intermediate students. IGNITE helps them to carve a niche for themselves in this competitive world. Success comes to those who strive for excellence under the guidance of subject experts. We have been involving into IIT & NEET related objective training for over 8 years.

Now we are poised to shoulder the responsibilities as the mentors who really can make the students not only the Subject Experts but also the Rankers. Our unique curriculum helps to propel the students into top Universities, Professional Colleges and National Accredited Colleges. Thus IGNITE Acts as a perfect career launch pad to place the students in their desired destinations.

Our Vision

Now-a-days, Parents from all over the society are giving their first and foremost priority for the Middle level of education only. Irrespective of their financial ups and downs, every parent wishes to offer the best education for their beloved children, with what they can easily settle down in their lives.

In the course of times, Education shadows the society to lead it into the era of wisdom and knowledge. In trying to do so, many institutions are established and are playing the vital role at different levels. But the biggest challenge lies at Intermediate level as it is the bridge between School life and Professional life.

Our Mission

Apart from the training for Board Exams, we offer specialized programs, with which the students are ready to face the Competitive exams like JEE MAIN / ADVANCED, NEET with utmost ease. We have already held the trust of parents by producing phenomenal results for over the years consistently. We thank the parents, students and all the staff members, those who have given their contribution for this success.

We would like to continue the journey of success hereafter by putting our sincere efforts in the most transparent manner. IGNITE seriously involves into each and every aspect, that what helps to ignite the hidden talents of Tiny tots and train them to be glorified in this competitive world.

We are not only focusing on academics but also on amusement activities like sports, arts, singing…so that our students, with their interests, can easily participate in national level sports meets and cultural Fests.


IGNITE provides a broad array of specialized programs, academic formats and convenient Macro/Micro Schedules to meet the diverse needs of Objective related Intermediate education. Both the Teaching & Learning are done in a cool and comfortable zone as IGNITE has the most qualified faculty. We are considerably better than others in JEE_ADV & MAINS and NEET coaching. Our faculty has good hands on experience in objective domain even.

IGNITE offers participant-centered approach for Objective education. Till now, our faculty members have been deputed for Student-Centered Learning Program throughout the academic calendar.

We provide the students excellent physical infrastructure, Residential facilities and Extra Co-Curriculum activities as well.

Our Faculty

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but not tell you what to see.”
“The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.” – Dan Rather
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin
At IGNITE, you will find the truest meaning for afore said quotes. We are laced with the perfect blend of most experienced faculty, those who are very unique with their teaching methods and styles.

To Begin with Mr. K. Ramesh, Founding Director, is an academician and a sports freak. Mr.Ramesh imparts Chemistry to IIT and NEET students. He is the one who strongly believes that “Service to Needy from the society is service to God.”He held outstanding records in teaching from the last 15 years in various corporate colleges. He is also a sport person who always encourages the students to build their physical strength by Sports and Games.

Then Mr. Srinivas Murthy, Founding Director, a salient performer who reached the pinnacle of Physics. He is all praised as “The man of Actions” He delivers Physics in the simplest manner and with the easiest methods from the last 22 years, hence students awaits his class and try to match with his expertise.
These two are just the sample pieces of the gems what IGNITE held in its crown…

Our Team

Administration Wing is The heart of every college, which monitors the welfare of Students, employees and is responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the institution. Our administrative structure exists at each level of academic and non academic aspects. At IGNITE, Admin wing is also be governed by active faculty, those who are exclusively involved in academics and in other scholarly work. So this unique feature yields a better learning experience for the young minds. Many senior administrators are also the academicians, who have advanced degrees in Education and are into teaching for over years. Our supporting team well equipped with the skills to enhance the performance of students. Our team includes Principals, Administrators, Associate lecturers, Coordinators and Wardens are always ready to offer their best for the young learners.

The dedication, hard work of the Lectures and Students along with the strong support of the admin staff yields the best results for us. No one surpasses our results as we never depend only on ranking numbers. Our ultimate goal is to make the students all-rounders in all aspects. We always strive to hold the faith of our parents, though we may have the same for over the years.